Malware Analysis

Malware Analysis is the study or process of determining the functionality and potential impact of a given malware sample such as a virus, trojan horse, rootkit, backdoor, or spyware that gathers user information without permission. Malicious software in any computer software is intended to harm the host operating system or to steal sensitive data from users, organizations or companies.

eSF Labs provides a sandbox environment where you can upload any type of suspecious files (binaries,doc,ppt,xls,pdf,or exe), URL or network capture files to get a detailed report. Our team will help for deep analysis of malware and provide you the executive, detailed report. Our professionals extract the actual IOC from the malicious binaries which enables them to work closely with various team involved like Incident Response team, Vulnerability Management etc. This helps them in collaborating and coordinating integrated intelligence. Our experts are part of highly diverse Cyber Threat Intelligence team to support hunting, Incident Response, and Malware Forensics capabilities.

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