Digital Academy & Security Awareness

The "Digital Academy & Security Awareness" service refers to a program or platform that offers education and training in digital skills, cybersecurity, and online safety. It aims to equip individuals, organizations, or communities with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect themselves and their digital assets from potential threats and attacks. The service may include courses, workshops, webinars, and resources covering topics such as data privacy, encryption, phishing, password management, safe browsing, social engineering, and more. The goal is to promote a culture of security awareness and empower participants to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to safeguard their digital lives.

About: Ereducing the risk of human-related security incidents and strengthening the overall cybersecurity posture of the organization.

Goal: Establish “Risk Aware” culture. Comprehensive learning, up and coming security practices.

Services Offered

Innovation & Research

A Cybersecurity Innovation & Research service focuses on pioneering advancements in digital security through research, fostering the development of innovative technologies to protect against evolving cyber threats. It strives to stay at the forefront of cybersecurity by exploring new solutions and methodologies to enhance overall digital resilience.

Hands-on Workshop (CTmP & Experience Center)

Step into the future at our Cyber Theme Park & Experience Center, where cutting-edge technology blends seamlessly with entertainment, offering an immersive journey through virtual realms, interactive exhibits, and mind-bending adventures for an unforgettable cybernetic experience.

CXO Level Security Sessions

Elevate your organization's cyber resilience with tailored executive briefings, providing strategic insights and actionable steps to safeguard your business in the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Cyber Security Certification

provides comprehensive training and validation of skills to safeguard digital assets, ensuring professionals are equipped to mitigate and counteract evolving cyber threats.

Interactive Awareness Sessions for The Corporates

Elevate corporate performance with our tailored Awareness Sessions, fostering a culture of innovation and productivity through expert-led workshops and strategic insights.

Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Knowledge Sharing Sessions is a tailored service facilitating collaborative learning and information exchange, fostering a dynamic platform where individuals can share expertise, insights, and innovative ideas to enhance collective knowledge.

Hacking Sessions & Knowledge Management

Tailored cybersecurity training sessions combined with advanced knowledge management solutions for enhanced digital defense and skill development.

Phishing Simulation / Survey

Conduct realistic phishing simulations to test and enhance your team's resilience against cyber threats. Our comprehensive survey identifies vulnerabilities and provides actionable insights to strengthen your organization's security posture.

Table-Top Exercise

Simulate and strengthen your organization's response to cybersecurity incidents with our Tabletop Exercise service. Engage in realistic scenarios to enhance preparedness, teamwork, and incident response strategies in a risk-free environment.

Data Protection Awareness

Data Protection Awareness is a comprehensive service ensuring organizations adhere to and educate employees on data privacy regulations, safeguarding sensitive information through proactive measures and training programs.

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