C-SOC (Cyber-Security Operations Centre)

Organizations wanting to attain concrete oversight on their Information Security posture need to have their own Security Operations Center (SOC), or have that outsourced to an expert Organization in all completeness or in a partial form. The eSF Labs Managed Security Services can be your choice of preference.

Continuous Monitoring

In the eSF Labs Security Operations Center (SOC) our specialists will monitor your systems and networks closely in a 24/7 environment. Our team of experts detect and research the threats and suspicious activities for unauthorized intrusion into systems, data leakage and verifying of signatures for APT and any latest virus attacks. In the event of a critical incident post it being validated, a thorough investigation is carried out to analyze the potential impact and a comprehensive report is shared with our clients with the details of the incident. eSF Labs comprehensive report will describe the details of the incident and the counter measures that need to be taken for effective handling of such threats in the future. This approach will enable Organizations in avoiding a potential crisis and also help them comply with regulations related to data breach.

Incident Response

Incident Response Program Development helps an organization to be more proficient at threat detection and increase readiness to respond to security incidents with an efficient and coordinated response. eSF Labs Incident response service specializes in investigating intrusions and targeted attacks performed by advanced threat groups. We at eSF labs use innovative techniques and investigative gathering which helps in identifying the behavior of the attacker. eSF Labs will help Organizations in implementing customized solutions to counter unknown threats and prevent targeted attacks.

Create your own SOC

eSF Labs can assist organizations in making an appropriate choice to effectively manage their information security. Organizations can utilize eSF labs information monitoring mechanism to customize their security policies, to attain a proactive approach. Organizations can also start their own Security Operations Centre which will help them in independently carry out their monitoring activities. eSF Labs helps its clients by providing them comprehensive advanced training programs to improve their capabilities handling incidents in an efficient manner. This way Organizations can be less dependent on outsourced partners in the event of an incident. This provides clients with an opportunity to fully benefit from the customized solutions provided by eSF Labs Ltd.

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